Griff Williams

Sun City West, AZ

Here is a contrarian story, which is based on some good fortune, hard work, and long-term planning.  - started with only a couple thousand dollars in 1970- finished college - stayed with parents to save money - worked 20 hours per week for 3 years- stayed with one company entire career -  moved where the company sent me - 7 moves- stay-at-home wife - 3 kids- bought houses at lower end of market for wage level- kept cars 5 to 10-plus years - always mid-priced cars - with one exception, did not buy a car until we saved enough to pay cash- bought whole life policies to save for 3 kids coillege education - against advice of financial consultants - have not touched the cash value to date - has been a very good investment- 401K and IRA - minimal contibutions only - still untouched - wish I would or could have contributed more- used charge cards for only what we could pay off at the end of the month - NO INTEREST- vacations primarily visiting family - very few exceptions- did receive some inheritance, but much was spent to "bail out" several relatives in need - little money was repaid- kids all got jobs at age 16- lucky - all 3 kids finished college - one on athletic scholarship - another worked (full-time last two years) - the third played basketball and worked- never had a budget - used payroll deduction savings - with a budget, too easy to spend if there is money left over- took early retirement at 55 (about 2/3 of income) - worked part-time for 5 years - fully retired at 60 - pension does appear safe- fortunate to continue group insurance during retirement - expensive, even though company contributes to premium - premiums will continue to rise under Obamacare- One stock and 3 mutual funds are held - those, along with 401K, did drop in value, but are on the way back up (fingers crossed)