Richard Brown

You know, I am one of those guys that has always said that I am not going to retire.  That is why I got into the consulting side… Mainly because I enjoy being active.  I enjoy keeping my though process active.  But the older I get, the more I sometimes think, it would not hurt to somehow cut the hours back.  Most of my money sits in a 401k program today so it is self directed. Over the years I have had a portable pension program.  
I think that all of us were thrown for a loop.  I certainly had funds that disappeared very quickly and so did some of the 401k investment programs because I did not pull them out. I do not think that any of us have a good idea of what it is going to cost, and if we are going to live beyond the normal lifespan that our parents may have had.  They are in their late 80’s already and their parent lived into their 90’s and til 103?  Then you have to sit down and question how many years do I have left?    I think that my children have to be concerned about their retirement.  I cannot worry about that for them.  I can counsel them if they really need to know how to save and it will be different than my retirement.