Victoria Registre

I plan to, when I find a job, go somewhere where I know I want to (hopefully) spend my working career, so that I do set up my retirement fund early and I’m able to save enough money for when I do decide to retire. 

I am currently a nursing student.  It just had to do with me wanting to care for people, because I enjoy doing that. 

My mother was a former employee of Lehmann, so that all went down the drain, but I think they thought about it, because she spent a long time there.  My mom knows she’s going to work longer.  She’s not going to be able to retire when she wanted to.

I feel as though, when you put out so much of your energy and time, and such, especially helping others, you should be able to, at a point in your life, say, “I’m ready to retire,” and be able to live at least a decent life.