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Linda Ponce

Lake Hiawatha, NJ

I was an employee of the Hospital Center at Orange in NJ for 27 years, until the hospital was closed 7 years ago. Through the years we were always told that our retirement money was ours, no one could touch it, it was safe, etc. Well, since it was changed to a church plan several years ago, we have been told the funds will be gone in about 3 years! I don't have another 27 years to work with another employer, and with the worsening...

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Jeanne C. Majors

Flushing, NY

With all this talk about raising the retirement age and cutting Social Security, I would never be able to live comfortably or afford decent housing.

I retired early with the assumption that I would find another full-time job.  When the economy went bust, my employment went also.  My small pension was great five years ago.  Now, it doesn't even cover any of my expenses.  As a single African-American woman, I had to...

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Peter S.


I was employed for 27 years at Rheingold Breweries in Brooklyn, New York. until they closed in1977. Then I worked two years at Rheingold, at Orange, New Jersey. Both jobs as a teamster member. I was able to draw my teamster retirement at age 55 total amount 88.00 dollars per month, with no increase in 21 years.

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Phyllis S.

At 63 and single, Phyllis just started collecting early retirement from her Social Security insurance program. After contributing to Social Security for over 40 years, it accounts for 50% of her income.

Unable to collect Medicare until she is 65, she is also responsible for her own health care. 

Like most industrious Baby Boomers, Phyllis started working in high school. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, her parents...

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Ev S.

Mother to four sons and grandmother to their ten children, Ev, age 84, lives alone after losing her husband last year.  “He was almost 93, so he didn't die young, but his death has left both an emotional and financial hole in my life,” she says.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, it’s where she married her husband. They started their family and moved to Boulder County in1964.  Ev recalls fondly how much they all loved...

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