Retirement USA is a national initiative that is working for a new retirement system that, along with Social Security, will provide universal, secure, and adequate income for future retirees. The initiative has developed 12 Principles for a New Retirement System, which provides a framework for a future system in which employers, workers, and the government would share responsibility for the retirement security for all American workers.

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Did You Know?

Nine in ten 18-29 year olds say Social Security is an important program.

Young workers believe Social Security is important, but are skeptical that it will be there when they retire. According to an AARP survey, among 18-29 year olds,

  • 90 percent say Social Security is an important government program
  • 82 percent agree that even if they could do better on their own, it is important to contribute to Social Security for the common good
  • 74 percent agree that even if they may not need Social Security when they retire, they want to know it is there “just in case”

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