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Chris Keith

I do!  I think about retirement.  In a lot of the medical professions, you don’t get a guaranteed pension once you retire.  So it’s definitely… it’s an issue for me and a lot of individuals in the health profession.  The recent changes in the economy were…it definitely impacts some elderly individuals.  I know some people who lost a lot of their retirement savings, and it’s definitely something that we need to...

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Rollin Say

Considering that I’m most currently concerned with, you know, figuring out my own career path, figuring out what I want to do, focusing on my studies, I’m currently applying to medical schools.  I guess I haven’t really thought about retirement after.  Though I do know that I want to be a doctor, I’m not really sure…I’ve haven’t really thought about the prospects of retiring from that career, since I haven’t even begun. ...

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Anthony Sanderson

I think in about 45-50 years, I will not longer be working, but I am more focused right now on getting a job than retirement.  The recent recession makes me think that I will be working longer than I originally expected.  So retiring at 65, it will be late 60’s or maybe 70.  I think the recent recession caused my dad to think that he was going to retire than he originally expected. 

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Mark H.

This is my first year on Social Security, a fixed income and I live in HUD housing. My rent was increased 20 dollars a month supposedly because an equivelent apartment in this area has increased in rent also. Since no one has any money I don't see how that's possible. Of course the claim is there is no COLA based on inflation. So the older generation that help build this country get the short end of the stick again while the bankers and auto...

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Karen O'Quinn

Largo, MD

I worked for corporate America for many years. And being laid off, I had to recreate myself. I went back to school to be a cosmetologist.  Then in 2008, my business took a huge hit.  I lost my house.  I lost everything.  And I don’t have a 401(k).  And I am kind of at the edge of being 50 and 15 years from so called retirement, but it looks like I will have to work til the very end whatever that is. And I am going to...

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