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Cindy C.

Lebanon, OR

I worked for Hughes Aircraft in California from 1973 to 1995.  Hughes Aircraft decided to move manufacturing of computer chips to Arizona..  They got huge bribes to do their move.   The federal government gave them, along with other defense industry fortune 500 companies millions of dollars to consolidate their manufacturing.  Arizona gave Hughes Aircraft a ten year pass on paying taxes to move from Calif to Arizona...

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Griff Williams

Sun City West, AZ

Here is a contrarian story, which is based on some good fortune, hard work, and long-term planning.  - started with only a couple thousand dollars in 1970- finished college - stayed with parents to save money - worked 20 hours per week for 3 years- stayed with one company entire career -  moved where the company sent me - 7 moves- stay-at-home wife - 3 kids- bought houses at lower end of market for wage level- kept...

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Mary Rich

As a Registered Nurse and Healthcare Executive who devoted 25 years of her work life to one acute care hospital in northern NJ, I feel compelled to share the story of over 950 employees who lost essential Pension Benefit Guarantee Coverage (PBGC) protection just one year prior to the closure of the organization.  The Hospital Center at Orange (HCO) served an urban inner city community for over 100 years as a secular hospital located in...

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Richard Brown

You know, I am one of those guys that has always said that I am not going to retire.  That is why I got into the consulting side… Mainly because I enjoy being active.  I enjoy keeping my though process active.  But the older I get, the more I sometimes think, it would not hurt to somehow cut the hours back.  Most of my money sits in a 401k program today so it is self directed. Over the years I have had a portable pension...

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Victoria Registre

I plan to, when I find a job, go somewhere where I know I want to (hopefully) spend my working career, so that I do set up my retirement fund early and I’m able to save enough money for when I do decide to retire. 

I am currently a nursing student.  It just had to do with me wanting to care for people, because I enjoy doing that. 

My mother was a former employee of Lehmann, so that all went down the...

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